Last night, middle TN was hit with a tornado and we were in it’s path. I won’t go into the scary part, but the awesome part instead. That lightning and rain made the garden go wild overnight! So much abundance, we can’t get to it all!

I need some hungry friends. And I don’t mean caterpillar worms, please. 🙂

I love the humid, settled weather. It reminds me of our years in Hawaii (a very difficult place for a kitchen garden!). So to celebrate (we often celebrate with food), I made us a loco moco. It’s a Hawaiian food – a grilled hamburger patty (grass fed, pastured, of course) put atop a bed of short-grained rice. A ladle or two of onion gravy. A couple of poached or over easy eggs. Sexy scallions from the garden (sexy means that they are cut into ribbons, lengthwise). A dash of rooster sauce. And a pea salad made with homemade mayo. In Hawaii, you will see mac salad but we are watching our carbs. Rice doesn’t count. 🙂

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be about kitchen gardens?

Ok back to it.

Most lovely of all at the moment is the Tatsoi. Tatsoi is a Japanese green and it’s very high in nutrients. Tender like a baby spinach, yet crunchy like the base of a lettuce head. Not bitter. We eat it raw most of the time. And it’s gorgeous. We’ll talk later about how to plant and care for this lovely.

Ta ta.

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